In October 2019, our Cohort 5 student, Yang Zhou attended the Robot & Research Equipment Training (RRET) based in Italy.

RRET aims at delivering the fundamental understandings of the underwater robots’ manipulation, application programming interfaces (APIs) and embedded system algorithms training. The event was conducted by an underwater robotics technology company, attended by many researchers who are also working on the embedded intelligence area.

Yang found attendance at this event highly useful to his research as he explains below:

During this training, we were divided into groups, working on the underwater robots. Therefore, I learnt how to effectively communicate with researchers in science. Moreover, the training deepened my insights of underwater robotics. As my PhD research is Curiosity-driven Underwater Robot Navigation, it provided a good opportunity to play with the equipment and to further think about the PhD project. Furthermore, I learnt the big gap of transformation of lab research algorithms and industrial applications.

The reason I chose to attend the events is this event is relevance to my PhD research, from which I could have the opportunity to learn how the underwater robot works and how I could develop as well as deploy my algorithms on it.

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