Intelligent engineering applications concerns the design and implementation of embedded technologies for products, processes and supply chains, and product and process design for embedded intelligence.

All CDT-EI PhD projects contained an aspect of intelligent engineering application. As the theme that brought it all together, the main impacts of our research are on the following areas:

  • The exploitation of new technology within an industrial domain to increase efficiency and performance of processes.
  • Implementation of intelligent systems to gather data and make informed decisions to aid processes.
  • Implementations to support agile supply chain decision-making to ultimately increase competitiveness of whole value chain.
  • Using gathered information and derived knowledge to support upstream predictive modelling.
  • Use of embedded intelligence on product to aid visibility between supply chain partners and to allow a unique product history to develop.
  • Enabling embedded intelligence in current process assets, e.g. low level software and interfacing to allow integration (e.g. DL and API creation to allow interfacing with machine controllers and factory systems).
  • Attention to physical configuration of processes to allow cost effective integration of embedded intelligence features, e.g. antennae, smart nodes, and sensors.
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