It is widely recognised by industry and Government that innovation in electronics, communications, and internet technologies are key activities for the UK to remain competitive in the global market.

In order to enable and accelerate this innovation, PhD graduates are needed who are conversant on the different technical areas that underpin Embedded Intelligence.

delivering smarter products and systems to industry

We see industrial engagement in the design and delivery of our programme as a strong foundation upon which to build industrially relevant impact and high quality PhD training.

We contribute to a diverse range of industrial sectors in several ways:

  • CDT-EI delivers to industry, graduates of sufficient breadth in technical and commercial experience and focused excellence in their chosen fields. These researchers are to build the foundations for the UK's embedded intelligence capabilities, as they become the practitioners, technologists and business leaders in this field;
  • Our application-led research elements impacts across a diverse range of sectors, for our Key Partners directly supporting the activities, the wider Cluster Partner memberships in HSSMI, ESP KTN and MTC as well as other manufacturing and service companies;
  • The research outcomes in the point-technology solutions and applications-related activities of our cohort will see increased yield, performance, resilience or technical breakthrough for these products and processes in our key collaborators. These can bridge the information gaps associated with inefficient supply chain integration and a lack of knowledge on product usage throughout lifecycles.

training the engineering leaders of tomorrow

The aim of the Centre is to graduate well-trained, commercially aware, industrially experienced professionals, alleviating the shortage of skilled engineers required for supporting the future of embedded technologies and applications (e.g. products & processes).

This cohort approach to education in Embedded Intelligence is pioneering the development of individuals with a deep knowledge of their own specialism whilst having an understanding of the challenges encountered across the different disciplines and research areas that underpin embedded intelligence.

For the Universities, this CDT further strengthens and broadens their expertise in embedded intelligence enabling technologies and applications-led research, extending and improving their collaboration opportunities and competitive advantage.

The general public will be beneficiaries of CDT as, by developing more reliable and trackable products, an organisation can better control their costs and the end-users will benefit from more cost-efficient, intelligent and reliable products.

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