Manufacturing solutions addresses the challenges associated with manufacturing in its widest sense e.g. the product itself, stages of production, production tools and processes, and the overall production process.

  • Exploiting process consolidation through co-creation of products and EI features, e.g. antennae or electrical interconnect, by means of additive manufacturing and assembly of electronics and sensors to embody light-weight, high performance EI into products, processes and operational environments;
  • Enabling cradle-to-cradle approaches for remanufacturing, recycling and re-use, by means of intelligent processes interrogating products at their end of life, identifying through-life history and BOM;
  • Developing novel manufacturing solutions, e.g. emerging from nature-inspired propositions. Biomimetics and biomorphism lend themselves to disguising EI devices and systems, to adding multifunctionalities or, to enhancing operational capability by novel processing of substrates; Mechanobiological solutions (e.g. stress-indicating bacteria) and at different scales (e.g. self-assembly nanowhiskers) will push the boundaries of EI devices and systems manufacture beyond traditional approaches.
  • EI in processes will allow development of Industry 4.0 features, allowing communications between processes and products during production, providing opportunities for closed-loop optimisation of processes to products and vice versa.

PhD Projects with a focus in the area include:

  • Adam Kaye co-sponsored by Printed Electronics "Ink-Jet Printing Antennas on 3D Curved Surfaces"
  • Athanasis Pouchias co-sponored by TWI "RTM Process Monitoring and Predictive Analysis"
  • Simon Blackwell co-sponsored by Far-UK "Manufacturing cellular solids"
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