School of engineering and physical sciences

The school, with its five Research Institutes covering the fields of engineering and applied sciences, have expert teams of supervisors and researchers with backgrounds in electronic, electrical, computer, mechanical and chemical engineering. We carry out research in a variety of topics ranging from on advanced materials to electrical systems integration developing world class solutions to meet industry needs.

The research institute involved in the CDT is the Research Institute of Signals, Sensors and Systems, which has around 20 members of staff, 52 Research Associates and 65 Ph.D. students and managed an annual research income in 2013-2014 of around £8.12M. The main research interests are microsystems and smart systems integration, robotics, sub-ocean systems engineering, signal and image processing, and microwave engineering. We are developing key innovations in sensor design, manufacture, integration and packaging, autonomous and distributive systems, communication system design and optimisation, tracking, recognition and classification, embedded software and hardware design.

Our research has impact in several key areas, including Medicine and the Life Sciences, Robotics, Autonomous Systems and Transport, Manufacturing and Quality Control, Medicine and Health, Human-Computer Interaction and Communication, Wireless and Wired Communication Networks, Electronics and Microelectronics, Environmental Monitoring and Remote Sensing, Security, Surveillance and Defence.

school of mathematical and computer sciences

Our School performs ground-breaking research that develops new futures for both mathematics and computer science, and our expertise and ideas are regularly applied to benefit industry and society. Our main strengths include intelligent systems, rigorous systems, interaction, mathematical modelling, stochastic systems, as well as actuarial and financial mathematics.

Computer Science at Heriot Watt forms one of the School’s academic departments. It employs over thirty academics, forty research staff and has over fifty PhD students. It is one of the larger units in the Scottish Informatics and Computer Science Alliance with the highest proportion of researchers.

Computer Science research strategy focuses upon producing transformative change in four strategic areas concerning: (i) the speed and usability of high-performance computing (HPC); (ii) software verification for safety-critical applications; (iii) the quality and potential for multimodal human/computer, and human/robot interaction; and (iv) fundamental techniques for optimisation, data analytics, pervasive computing and autonomous robotics.

Our PhD project portfolio therefore spans HPC and safety-critical software; optimisation and data analytics; and interaction with computer devices, with foci in mobility, dialogue, collaboration, and multimodal interaction.

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