Pawel Ladosz one of CDT-EI researchers had an opportunity to attend ROScon and IROS conferences this year in Vancouver, Canada.

ROScon which lasted two days on 21st and 22nd of September is a conference dedicated to Robotic Operating System (ROS). ROS is a very popular tool amongst both academia and industry to allow quick and easy integration of sensors, actuators and robotics platforms. The conference was a single track and was focused on latest development of ROS, future updates and examples of current usages. Presenters included but were not limited to guests from ETH, Shadow Robot, Clearpath robotics, Bosch and Daimler AG.

IROS which took place between 24th and 25th of September is one of the most prestigious conferences dedicated to robotics research. The conference consisted of two workshop days and three conference days. It covers all fields related to robotics such as computer vision, path planning, machine learning, control and design. In 2017 2164 papers were submitted and out of those 970 papers was accepted. Speakers included but were not limited to Fei Fei Li expert in computer vision from Stanford University and Google, Dieter Fox expert in artificial intelligence from the University of Washington, Jorge Cham creator of PhD comics and Joey Durham one of the creators of Amazon robotic warehouses from Amazon robotics.

Pawel presented his work on unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) communication relays during IROS. His focus is on using UAVs to help a group of ground nodes (such as rescue workers) communicate with each other during a disaster relief scenario in urban environments. In this work machine learning technique called Gaussian Process was used in assistance of UAV trajectory planner to learn to predict communication strength between itself and ground nodes. For more information and access to paper email Pawel at

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